Tonemapping and ToneMappingOperator

Hi, I would like to use the 4 toneMappingOperator ( Hable, HejiDawson,
Photographic, Reinhard) as toneMappingType for the scene.

Something like this: scene.imageProcessingConfiguration.toneMappingType = BABYLON.ToneMappingOperator.Hable.
As far as i know with this syntax you can only give to the scene “Standard” or “ACES” toneMappingType.
Is this possible ?

I tried also to use the postProcess method like this:
var postProcess = new BABYLON.TonemapPostProcess(“tonemap”, BABYLON.TonemappingOperator.Hable, 1.0, camera);
but actually has an effect also on the environment light not only on the mesh / object.

This is a result using the postProcess method

Thank You

We currently only support ACES cinematic or a faster toe to shoulder custom version within the imageProcessingConfiguration.

You should probably look into material plugins to implement it as part of the rendering or creating your own post process if you want it broader but it would also in this case impact the environment (which is most of the time relevant).

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And for that last part (affecting the environment), there is a nifty workaround in this thread: How to prevent postprocess effects from affecting background color