Torus with different color and material

I want to give material to the torus with two different colors. There will be intervals between the colors. I tried multimaterial to do this but failed. Is there a way to do this? Can you help me?

Torus Examples | Babylon.js Playground (

You can do it in a few different ways :slight_smile: Multimaterials, node material, textures… the easiest probably is to use Blender or another DCC tool to create an appropriate texture :slight_smile: Texture Painting in Blender for Absolute Beginners - YouTube


Yes, I couldn’t find a solution, so I used an image named amiga from babylonjs. Thank you for your help. I guess I’ll have to learn a little more about texture to give an image I want. This is very tiring:).

I’m a better developer than artist so I am also pretty confused by textures sometimes but learning about them is a very useful skill :smiley: