How to export multimaterials from Blender?

How can I export multiple materials belonging to a single mesh in Blender, to appear as multimaterials in the .babylon file? I’ve tried assigning different UV maps to the different materials but that doesn’t do anything. I just get one material with the name of the mesh.

I don’t want to have to separate each material into a different mesh because I’m using shape keys.

I know this must be possible 'cos I’ve looked at my old demos and I have multimaterials in the exported .babylon file. I just can’t seem to get it working anymore.

@ozRocker : Try these steps:

  1. Unwrap your single object.
  2. Still in Edit Mode, assign a material to each section of the mesh that will be different.
  3. Now for each of those different materials assign the texture you will use for that material
  4. Now for each of those materials and their textures, adjust the UV map as appropriate.

No need to split the mesh, no need for multiple UV (611.0 KB)

Check the simple uploaded blend file. Go into edit mode, select all verts and view the uv map different UVs for each section. . Check the materials tab - two mats each with their own texture.

Export to.babylon - open file and check the "multi-materials.

Hope that helps Oz.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Thanks for that @gryff

I figured out the problem. The difference between what you sent and what I had was that you had one texture per material. I had a material in my file that had 3 diffuse textures. I got rid of the 2 other textures (which I was only using for tests anyway) and it works fine now.

@ozRocker: Glad I helped in someway Oz :slight_smile:

You can have more than one texture for each material - but different types, for example diffuse and normal textures, but with appropriate settings , of course.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile: