Track GUI on an 3D object

Hello guys,
i want to know if its possible to track an gui over an 3D object.
I load some information from an API at the runtime and im loading this information into an GUI which will open when the player interact with the object. But i need to get this information on an plane next to the object.

this is the object where I want to get the information on.

This are the information which i load into an GUI.

shield unity
and this how it need to look like (this is from unity)

Now i want to know if its possible to track the information on the object or if i can load the GUI as an texture on the object.

This looks like a 2D plane to me (or is it a cube?). So If I understand correctly, you are loading a bg image and plain text and would like to format the text in the 2D (or 3D?) BJS GUI? Is it?

Edit: I am not sure what the issue is. Detecting if the mesh is picked or hovered? Showing the plane next to the mesh (in a 2D plane in a 3D cube?) Making sure the content is loaded before displaying the tooltip? Layouting the content? Anything else?

I got an 3D object with an plane where i want to get my text on at the moment im loading the text into an GUI and when i klick on the object the GUI will open. Everythinkin my scene is 3D expat the GUI elements, i want the Text on the 3D object static.

The texture mode section of the GUI documentation shows how to create a GUI on your plane mesh. :slight_smile:


Is this possible to put any HTMLElement or HTMLCanvasElement on a mesh in such way?

You can use a DynamicTexture to project a canvas onto a mesh, IDK about the other elements thou.

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Why would you want to do something like that? It would be a pain, I believe (if achievable at all). It would require 3d-transform and would create all sorts of problems tracking it from the camera to display it correctly.

Wrapping it in a texture is the way to go either through a DynamicTexture or a HtmlElement Texture.

This will only work for media element (canvas video…)