Tron like effect with particles


I have a 3D path and a mesh navigating it very well. I need to draw a trailing line like Tron, ideally glowing effect. It is possible to draw a line over time (animation) on a 3d path? If no particle is possible, can an animated texture be applied like a procedural texture?


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I think this is what you need:

I’ll check it out!

Thank you

Hi guys. Here’s a particle-spraying thing… with customUpdate function that makes the particles sparkly… with the help of a very nice “star.jpg” drawn by someone else, then hijacked into Wingy’s github folder. :open_mouth:

Sparkly-particles. Sparticles! :slight_smile:

Believe it or not, the hoverboard is not moving forward. Cool effect, huh? Not all mine… help from others needed. I just did the particles and a little camera-rocking… and I made the Earth go-around. heh. FUN!

Please grab your own copy of star.jpg… for any heavy-use site/project. (Please avoid putting too much load on my github account - retrieving the cool star.jpg particle texture).

Oh yeah, and here’s @jerome’s “whatever it is”. Some kind of trails-making system, there… likely using his famous Solid Particle System (SPS). BJS Demo Trailing Particles Pretty!


wow that is awesome!!

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