Trouble porting Procedural Planet demo to playground

I’ve been trying to get the procedural planet demo working locally, mainly for the lighting aspect in a custom planet shader, but I am running into issues. Locally, it spams my console with [.WebGL-0x7fcc6105b400]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0 (and unit 1)

But the cloud / noise textures are created and work correctly if I put them on a plane.

So I put into a playground, and while I don’t see the gl errors, I am still unable to make it work correctly. (only the halo shows, and the color doesn’t seem to be fetched from the texture properly).

I am wondering if it’s something with the textureCube function, and or the vNormals and what not, because I believe no texture bound to the unit 0 (and unit 1) can be triggered if there are invalid texture lookup coordinates?

Anyone have any ideas? Tagging @Deltakosh since I believe you made that demo

(if you rotate the camera you can see the textures on planes).

Well here the first problem is that the procedural config file is not found. So not easy to help you debug :slight_smile:

Thanks Delta. I’m probably going to go a different route, so not a big deal, but the procedural texture documentation states that the config file is no longer needed unless I am missing something? (Says you can set them as uniforms normally now, which I’m doing in the PG).

It is still required to set up other infos :frowning:

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How would one go about setting the dirtAmplifier uniform for the custom texture in this playground?

customProcText.setFloat(“dirtAmplifier”, 20.0);

doesn’t seem to do anything.

OK, I’m seeing it now:

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