CustomProceduralTexture with es6


as stated in the doc Use Procedural Textures - Babylon.js Documentation
we can declare custom textures using a ShaderStore.

Also it is stated that the config file is not needed right now but Babylon still try to get the config file and give me a warning for each config file he tries to get.
I won’t create these file since I’m using es6 and would like to keep the compiled js simple.

What would be the right way to create the textures then ?

It is not needed but we have no way to know it is not provided. So this is why we are trying to load it first :frowning:

Maybe we could add a boolean option when creating the customProceduralTexture to say if it has to look for a config or not.

Or maybe an option to provide the options another way that from a config file.

What do you think ?

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I say yes :slight_smile: fancy doing the PR?

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Will add this to my todo list. Will do after having fixed the iOS crashed I’m trying to determine.

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