Troubles with mesh vertex before export scene as GLB

Good day everybody. I have a troubles with export scene as GLB. Before exporting GLTF2Export.GLBAsync shrink mesh vertexes. Anybody have any idea. I use TS for code.Result example below.

@bghgary worked on some skeleton exports recently.

Could you share a playground with us so that he might have a look into it ?

Good day. I’m first time here. How i can share code with Playground? I setup project localy on my machine with WebStorm and npm.

Here you go:

and to load external assets you can follow this doc: Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation

But Maybe in your case it is only related to the model you export and sharing it might be enough.

You can double check in the sandbox : by dragging your model there and then export from the inspector ?

thx for reply. - my test code

Also maybe i not correctly setup Engine with npm?

Also exporting from Sandbox work correctly.

I guess it is simply a version issue. In your app please be sure to rely on our latest alpha version :slight_smile:

Your console should display

How can I check it? It into package.json? Thx for reply)

yup it would be in and when you install with npm simply add @preview after any babylon dependency you are installing.

Also Playground correctly export glb, I’m confused.

How i see installed version - Babylon.js - 4.2

Could u show me how it do correctly? Bix thx.

first remove @babylonjs/serializers as you are using the other one.

then replace 4.2.0 in both babylonjs and babylonjs/serializers by 5.0.0-alpha.50

and npm install again

And how i can run GLTF2Export functions? I mean what string i need to add?

Also i get this error

You should not mix and match imports for babylon… and @babylonjs/…

Keep importing for now from “babylonjs” and “babylonjs-serializers” this is why your compilation is so confused at the moment.

Big thx @sebavan

Also, where i can found list all modules for installations with npm?