Trying to alpha blend correctly

Hi guys,

I have an issue with how some cylinders behave, and I’ve created this playground to present my questions:

I need to have 2 cylinders, normals facing away from each other, the outside presenting a semi-transparent texture, and the inside having the same texture as an opacityTexture, with the albedoColor white, as the example above shows.

All well and good, until I get to this view:

As you can see in the screenshow, the engine somehow treats the back(far side) of the cylinder as the front (near side) and makes the near side of the cylinder transparent.

Do you have any tips for me to fix this?

Please also note that I’m trying to achieve this with custom meshes that have been created in 3ds max and exported into a babylonjs scene that experience the same behaviour as in the playground.

I’m not sure I understand how it should display, but you can try to set separateCullingPass = true on your materials:

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