Tuggowar.io - Fun and easy to learn deck-building game

Check out this awesome deck-building strategy game!

We are finally ready to promote it and were featured right away. The game is pretty self explanatory and easy to learn according to the reviews. It’s really fun to play single-player and designed for balanced and epic PvP battles.

If you have any questions about the tech, be it the use of Babylon, the website in general, or the client-server architecture, feel free to ask! You can also find me on Discord.


I like this so far, I went through the first 3 missions on my phone. I’m usually wary of digital card games but this is extremely intuitive and fun without even needing a tutorial. If the oil and infantry were replaced with gold and swordsmen I probably would have played even longer. Awesome job!

Also it’s cool to see Newgrounds is still kicking around :sunglasses:.

It rocks!!

Oh sweet!!! This is fantastic!

@mise are you good with us posting this on our community page?

By all means! I should also note that I tried adding BabylonJS as a ‘kit’ on the game’s Newgrounds page, but it’s not listed, so ‘BabylonJS’ now is just text instead of an URL. Maybe you should ask Tom Fulp if he can add Babylon as an official kit.

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