Tactical card game in BabylonJs ★

Hi everyone!

Solo game dev here. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the tiny gameplay prototype I built for my card game with Babylon — Drimgar.

Here’s the link:

Some technical info:

  • All the illustrations are AI generated. I can only wish I could draw as good as the talents on proper big TCGs.
  • Most texts are a custom MSDF thing I built for babylon.
  • I’ve been using Storybook to easily code up the different visual elements and effects in the game in a more painless way. I highly suggest it!

Nice work, the visuals are stunning! It is quite polished for a prototype :ok_hand:

My only suggestion is maybe move the description text that pops on mouse hover to above the cards (or somewhere else maybe). I find having it on top of the card is not super readable.

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Whoo, pretty. Had I seen your game on a screenshot, the visuals definitely would have sparked my attention. :+1:

Unforutnately, I have no idea what to do. I think the last time I played a card game like that, was Gwent in the Witcher 3. I do realise there is this “Game Rules” button. But, meh, wanna play, not read. Having said that, I (which might be an exception, so beware) was interested enough to learn the rules by watching what the AI does.

Moreover, on my screen (1920x1080; or so) some of the font sizes are too small; see screenshots. The second one most definitely too small. The first one might be contrast thing?

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Yeah, I won :man_superhero: :laughing:

They’re pretty good indeed :+1: I’ve also started collaborating with the AI. Not on design though. Not so far. But don’t minimize your part of the effort. The overal design and ‘the consistency’ in design in this making definetely deserves my +1 :+1: A real good job. This is very pretty :heart_eyes:
It also seems to work very well. Congrats for this release. Worth showing the team (of course, in my opinion). cc @PirateJC @Deltakosh

On the side of suggestions (because I don’t want to play just the cheerleader :rofl:): May be add audio, for the immersion (again my opinion only).

Edit: And forgot to say: Welcome to our forum :smiley: With quality showcase like this one, you are sure welcome anytime :grinning: Keep up with the good work and, meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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Thank you everyone, for the kind words and awesome feedback. :heart:

If you’d like to follow the progress, you’re more than welcome on our Discord server!

I just added a private channel just for myself, to compile the feedback in one place so that I can later revisit it and turn into proper dev tasks. :grin:

Both the on-hover and big view info texts seem to need more work conceptually. I think I was trying too hard to make it wonky and interesting, at the expense of actually being readable. :sweat_smile:

It will probably take some time to get to building a good proper tutorial. But my true hope is that I can improve the UI enough that you won’t need it. Hints like “this foe may attack you directly next turn here”, more and smarter highlighting, things like that.

Underestimating audio is such a rookie mistake I keep making.
I was just listening to a podcast the other day, about how it’s not mentioned much when it’s good, but it’s very noticalbe when it’s not or is missing. Stay tuned. :smile:


That sounds all very promising. Looking forward to the update :child:

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I love the visual effects, very nice. Good luck!!

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Oh my god, the visuals are so slick! Great job, keep it up! What is your plan with this game, launching on Steam?

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Hey! I’m mainly focusing on making it as good a browser game as it can be.
So not for a while, but eventually Steam may be a side option, if only for exposure and some unique goodies. :slightly_smiling_face:

What does that mean, “Snow-White has no effect”? I was blinded for hours and couldn’t see the background on the card with the house and branches! :smiley: – An absolute fascinating game design!!


Yeah, a bit confusing, isn’t it? I thought it was just me (but now that you mention it :thinking:)…
I figured that it is a card/hero that’s got no special effect/attribute. Though, this special attribute (or skill, call it whatever you want) could (in my opinion) be worked out a little. What about a small ‘attributes’ icon on the bottom left of the card that would show that: 1) this card/hero does have one 2) on hover, tooltip what it is. Just thinking :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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… or it’s a magical optical illusion. :crazy_face: The first thing you notice is Snow White, only after a long time do you see the house and the branches in the background.


It’s done by the AI so may be it figured that snow white means ‘snow blind’ :rofl:
Anyway, honestly I didn’t notice this… but I think the comment regarding the special attributes still holds (at least for me… as always, personal opinion of course :grin:)


Lol, I really should get rid of the “has no effect” text, it’s useless at best and confusing at worst.

@mawa I agree, ideally you should get a good idea of the card’s behaviours from some decorations on it. Added to the list :smile:

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