Turn off FramingBehavior while animation of camera?

So i know i should try to recreate it in an playground, i currentlty didn’t but will work on one.
but maybe this is already known/recognized just by desribing.

I use an ArcrotateCamera and initialize it and place it at some point. Then i’m loading meshes and use the framing behavior to zoom closer to them… After the framing is done i turn off framing Behavior.

Later i need to move the camera to other alpha/beta coordinates.
Started like this playground does it just for alpha and beta…: Babylon.js Playground

It also kinda works fine. It does move where it is supposed to. But at the start of the animation in zooms out (probably to the original radius of the camera initialization) and then zooms in and moves where it should. How can i avoid this radius reset/zoom?

Already tried to put “radius = currentradius” into the Keys but that did nothing.

Check this answer, probably there are some hints there - Arc Rotate Camera Animation - Target Animation Freezes Other Properties' Animations - #2 by Evgeni_Popov

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Thanks for the recommendation. After trying the stuff that was described there or not exactly (because different use case) but tried some stuff with the radius and “setTarget”-function. Didn’t worked, but i then at the end wanted to log the radius from the init and when i call my animations…

Then i logged the whole camera and saw other animations probably from the “setTarget” function:

Deleting them and only using my animations did the work perfectly fine… Should have looked deeper into it.

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