Tutorial Talk - Proposal for a better "What's New" interface

Hi gang!

Earlier today, I had a need to view the What’s New document for BJS 4.0+.

I had to dig quite deep… and found it here: Babylon.js/what's new.md at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

When visiting https://doc.babylonjs.com/ and clicking “What’s New” … should we think about a much larger and more-powerful webpage? (At least allow viewing preview_release/what’s_new, in .md or html.) Perhaps allow some basic document searching, there?

Maybe no searching needed. Control-F works pretty good for in-document searching. Just… something… how to make it more powerful, and still not be a maintenance hassle.

Can we (dynamically) generate a list of links… there… to BJS source changes (PR’s)… that happened in the last few days? Week? Month?

And then, maybe we should really push users into checking latest “What’s New” before posting in Bugs subforum.

I don’t work-on the BUGS sub-forum very often, so I don’t know how many bug reports… are instead… users forgetting to check the What’s New list. It DOES happen in the QUESTIONS subforum, from time to time. (Often, I AM the one who forgets to check the What’s New list) :slight_smile:

All comments welcome. No question needing solving, here. Just… looking for opinions and ideas… thinking. (yikes!) :slight_smile:

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We could at least make sure to give a link to the preview what’s new