Twitter poll about bjs and 3js

If you guys want to share your thoughts:

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Well I don’t have a membership for twitter, so I can’t respond directly. but will post my thoughts here.

Four years ago I looked at BJS, 3Js and Blend4Web. BJS won out because of the well organized professional help, ease of use for a non-coder, and the friendly folks. Blend4Web I found slow and I found the Blender exporter created by @Deltakosh and @JCPalmer so easy to use.

Interestingly, there seems to have been issues at Blend4Web - as some people have been fired and those people have set a new company - Verge3D that costs money.

Nadolig LLawen i chi gyd,* gryff :slight_smile:

*Merry Christmas to you all in Welsh.