Two scenes with unwanted animation

Unfortunately I have got a strange problem and I cannot find a solution in the documentation.
I have a canvas with multiple scenes in it.
Not always is every scene visible. Let’s assume only the first scene is rendered, i move the camera and then (from outside the canvas) I set the second scene to be rendered as well, the camera moves. How do I sets the camera to be there instantly instead of moving there?

i made a playground to demonstrate the problem. just move the camera and hover with the mouse over the editor afterwards.

Hello and welcome!

If I understand correctly, you should have to sync the camera parameters:

scene2.activeCamera.alpha  = scene1.activeCamera.alpha;
scene2.activeCamera.beta= scene1.activeCamera.beta;
scene2.activeCamera.radius= scene1.activeCamera.radius;
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thank you very much. even tho there still is a little bit movement (which probably is because of how the camera moves) it solved the problem

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