TypeError: Cannot read property 'getUniqueId' of null

I am getting errors in React

I could not describe the box in the picture
i got this error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getUniqueId’ of null
how can i describe it.

What is possible to say based on your description is that you are trying to get a object property which doesn’t exist.
I don’t see in your code that you import @babylonjs/materials - maybe this is the problem?

may be your model url is wrong. It is hard to say by looking at a screen shot. Can you create a playground? Ideally in my case it happens if try to load another model in model load success callback.

I’m guessing, but this error can occur because the scene parameter was not passed to a Babylon.js API function and a scene has not been created yet. Normally, if you don’t pass the scene parameter, the API function will use the last created scene, but I don’t see any code is creating a scene in the screenshot before calling CreateBox.

I could not solve the problem
I added stackoverflow