TypeError: "fn is undefined"


i have exported from Blender a new Babylon-File and want to load this in my Script

But everytime there is coming the Error: Unable to import meshes from drone.babylon: importMesh of drone.babylon from Blender version: 2.82 (sub 7), exporter version: 6.3.1 TypeError: “fn is undefined”

I have an other Babylon File an with this it works.

But why it don’t works with the new exported Babylon File?

I’m happy to hear from you

would you be able to provide the file? Must be something either not exported correctly or not deserialized correctly.

Or that fn is not defined and we have to live with it :-). But we hate bugs, so…

For Sure. You can downloading the 4 Files here: https://babylon.luckyscripting.de/

Seems to load it correctly in the sandbox:

What version of babylon are you using? can you share the code you are using to laod the model?

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thanks for your answer. I have checked it and seeing, that the Version was not actual. So i have downloaded the new Vesion an now it works. Thanks.

Now there is an other Problem. I will start for this a new Post.

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