Typo in class name: ShaderAlebdoParts

Found a typo in the source code and also the generated doc: ShaderAlebdoParts | Babylon.js Documentation

I am curious how babylon.js team tradeoff between API backforward compatibility and typo. :grinning:

I guess nobody else is using it in their code. If you plan to fix the typo, I can wait before I create my subclass that extends it. Otherwise I can also work with “Aledbo”. :smiley:

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cc @RaananW but I think this would be “easy” to fix, just changing the name to the correct one and creating a deprecated type alias to keep back compat :thinking:


that’s exactly the solution. we have typos, and we solve them with exporting both the correct name and the old one to support backwards compatibility.

I’ll fix it later :slight_smile: thanks for reporting!


Fix a typo by RaananW · Pull Request #14354 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

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