[U->BJS] Aspect ratio issue - white bars on long mobiles

I experience white bars around canvas on iphone 12 (iOS 14.7.1 ). Chrome 93.0.4577.39. On the left and right, as if aspect ratio was fixed for 16:9.

Using Babylon Toolkit 4.0 to export to Babylon.

Fast help appreciated, would like to avoid Babylon upgrade (final stage of aproject after 1 year delay from the client side; well, what could go wrong).


I only add that naturally I meant landscape mode. @Deltakosh @Evgeni_Popov have you met this behaviour?

I don’t develop on mobiles so can’t say, but have you looked at your CSS?

Also, I think a repro somewhere will be mandatory because I’m not sure someone will be able to pinpoint the problem without it.

@MackeyK24 is the toolkit Daddy.

@Evgeni_Popov I have sent you PM with the URL. It may be CSS, though I have width/height for all stylings set to 100%. The issue appears on iPhone 12, I personally don’t have this device (iPhone SE), so it’s hard to debug.

@MackeyK24 would you like me to send you the link to project via PM as well? I guess guys that by looking at index.html you can see a clue.

Best regards

Sure… send me what you got

Guys, sorry for late reply. It is a commercial project, I just traded white bars for black, time was of essence…