iPhone10x Not rendering scene correctly


Can anyone with a iPhone10x, verify that the webGL scene is not rendering?

My client is reporting some really odd behavior, and the pages webGL context seems to want to render white or inverted it seems? At least with the videos I was sent. See attached video link: https://youtu.be/mytfokyZSKw sorry for bad quality

Is this a iPhone bug?

Does not work on my iphone 11 either…
All white… the iphone uses a webgl1 renderer only so this is maybe why?

Edit: Yep confirmed by running it on edge (the old one):

What am I using that is breaking it? Sorry I’m on pain meds so Im half dumb right now.

Looks to be a PBR mat issue.


right! Kinda crazy…

yep Apple does not support webgl2…Apple…

so no PBR then?

Pinging @sebavan as this may be an issue with glow map or PBR

Im digging now as well, this will be fixed.

is it this:

	gl_FragColor = vec4(0., 0., 0., 1.0);

kinda seems like we need to get rid of the ‘return;’

nah this should work :frowning: is there any places we could hack in the code or with a maxed version of babylon ???

not sure, I am like firing on 1 cylinder right now. So any help is appreciated.

@Deltakosh, what version of edge were you using to verify that?

edge 16 (The one before they moved to chromium)

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As this works on GL1 https://playground.babylonjs.com/#6ZVKE3#0 I am not sure it comes from PBR or glow directly but maybe one specific setup of them.

@Pryme8 could you try repro in the playground ? currently the link you shared is not usable to debug unfortunately.

I think it was the PBR material. I stripped those out at the it seems to work (though it look like crap now).

So whatever PBR pipeline I used, webgl1 did not like.

this is so weird :frowning: I would really like to sort it, Could you repro in the playground by setting the materials the same way ?

yes sir, I will do it tomorrow for you. I am giving myself one more day of rest after surgery.



it takes a second to load the dds which is why the white at the bottom for a second.

I have a sneaking suspicion its the PBR paper mat for some reason.

Perfect this one is a good repro (@sebavan)