Unable to compile effec error in samsung tab 4

I am getting below error in the samsung tab 4 on chrome. we are using node material, in other devices it is working fine…

Please see the error log below.


Maybe your device don’t support WebGL2. Try to disable the WebGL2 support when creating the engine (set disableWebGL2Support to true in the options passed to the constructor).

sure will try this, can you please let me know do i need to modify the code not to use node material when webgl 2 support is not there

No you are fine, node materials do work with WebGL1.

is there any API we can find the weather webGL2 is supported ?

I don’t think there’s an API in Babylon, but you can check it easily. See for eg:

well Babylon.js will revert back to webgl1 automatically if webgl2 is not supported but I guess in your case the driver is claiming that webgl2 is ok but actually it is not :slight_smile:
There is NO way to test that (other than disabling webgl2 when you are on samsung tab4)

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