Underneath The Arches

I said in a post I made recently that I was reminded of the “walking” demo in the playground so I was stimulated to make my own demo using Geometry Nodes.

I set up a relatively simple walk path in Blender 3.3 - basically an octagon (see Image 1) with the dimensions at the corners 3,4 that gives a hypotenuse of 5. (Makes setting up the walk in whole numbers easier - and just two angles to calculate.) I used the simple path to then create a Geometry Node

I set this up with Geometry Nodes as in Image 2. I used a single arch for creating the instances as an Object Info node as explained in my previous post in Tutorials and Tips (A in image) then used the nodes in frame B to get the correct orientation on the arch instances.

Here is the result Underneath The Arches.

The title comes from an old 1940-50 song of the same name by a pair of comedians/singers that you can find on Youtube. One curious event though, it all worked fine on Sunday night in Firefox, Chrome and Edge, but it stopped working on Monday in Firefox browser (other two were still fine). I got this error message :

Unable to load from octagon01.babylon: importScene of undefined from undefined version: undefined, exporter version: undefinedimportScene has failed JSON parse

No idea what it means. Tried exporting the files a number of times from Blender using @JCPalmer 's exporter. Still no solution. I was using the latest version of Firefox and Babylon.js. Gave up for a few hours, came back, and it was now working in all browsers again. Thoughts anyone?

cheers, gryff :smiling_face:

Image 1

Image 2


This looks cool!

Perhaps the bug is something to do with NPM/package lock? A few weeks ago I had trouble with loading in a glb file because the babylonjs loaders package didn’t seem to work.
Occasionally the loader doesn’t work and I have to delete and completely reinstall node_modules, et voila, it works again like nothing happened - weird!:sweat_smile: