Uniforms in custom material lost after engine.resize()


i stumbled upon following issue: i am using CustomMaterial with custom uniforms and custom shader parts. This is my PG demo. Everything works fine, until engine.resize() is called - in the playground just resize the editor. After that my uniforms are black.

What i have found is that this happens when:

  • i use DefaultRenderingPipeline with hdr = true, or fxaaEnabled = true
  • i use GlowLayer
  • i create second scene for same engine

When i don’t use any of these, then the textures are correct after resize.

Anything that i am missing in my CustomMaterial so that my uniforms survive the resize?


You should bind your uniforms on onBindObservable and not on onCompiled (which means the uniforms will be bound only a single time):



Yea that works, thanks. Isn’t setting uniform each frame a heavy operation though? They don’t change that often in my application, so there is no need to update them every frame. I update them with material.onBindObservable.addOnce. Maybe i should use engine.onResize callback and set them each time engine is resized?

I don’t know when the uniforms can become invalidated, I will let @sebavan answer about this!

So uniform stick to their shader so all good but we have a cache in effects preventing to update them if unecessary so you could bind as often as you want. That said if in webgl2 it is a UBO, those can be shared on the material so need their value per bind :slight_smile: