What 1 unit space stand for?

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First thing first, it’s my very first contribution to this forum. I’m the non-technical cofounder of Naker, a BabylonJS based 3D CMS, and I’m already an aficionado of this library.

We start to have many contacts in the architecture / real estate. We use the basic BabylonJS scale and move space unit, but some of our users would like to see it in centimeters / meters.

I would like to know, could we simply consider that 1 BabylonJS unit space = 1 meter or is it a bit more complicated than that?

Thanks guys!

You get to decide what the unit is to you, but generally its considered a meter.

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As @Pryme8 the unit is the one you decide it to be.

So if you want it to be a meter, then this is perfect

For an XR-camera it is always one meter.

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I wonder if PBR use the meter too? As this is physically based, the light response in the real world depends on the distance with the light, then I guess BABYLONJS PBR also assume 1 unit = 1 meter to calculate that?

And in that case, we don’t get to really decide what 1 unit stand for?

nope we don’t need that. We assume 1 unit is just the same everywhere so light falloff is based on distance to light but we don;t care about the unit as long as it is the same everywhere

Units are just conventions