[Unity Exporter] GUI images displayed with different color

Hi there,

GUI images are displayed with different color, as if they were tinted, either by light or something else. They seem sort of “washed out”. I have tried changing gammaSpace property to no avail (despite it not affecting GUI, as stated in the docs). Where to look for solution?

That’s strange…

Could you provide a repro PG (https://playground.babylonjs.com/) so that we can have a look?

@Evgeni_Popov thanks for the quick reply. I have solved it. It was post processing affecting the coloring. I knew it would if I had post processes on stack, but all I had was a rendering pipeline created, and it still affected the tonality, I suppose. Is it normal?

Maybe it was a problem with something being in gamma/linear space incorrectly, but it’s hard to say without a repro.

I thought so as well, tried changing gamma mode for advanced texture, to no avail. My guess is me being BJS newbie plus using multiple fullscreen advanced textures can cause blending issues.