Unity toolkit - Getting the CharacterController working

I’m having issues getting the CharacterController (CharacterSystem) working with Mackey’s Babylon.js Unity toolkit.

I tried copying Mackey’s TestPlayer class in this video:

However, I’m running into issues. I can’t call BABYLON.CharacterController.rotate and I can’t get BABYLON.CharacterController.move to work. I tried the following with no luck:
this._character.move(new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 1000), 0, 0);

I can’t find the move function implemented anywhere. I’m guessing I have to implement it myself?

Any help would be appreciated!

Pinging @MackeyK24 who owns the Unity Toolkit

Unfortunately the Character Controller was a separate class I was working on to try to create a Unity Type Character Controller.

I don’t know if I have the code I was using back then… it was my very first draft of a character controller and I was basically using physics imposter set linear and angular velocity… so you can try create your own controller move type function using linear and angular velocity

Now my new gltf based version of the toolkit has two versions… Standard and Pro

The standard version has all the functionality to export gltf content including attached script components… the new scene manager api is much more simplified. And you can create scripts components to do basically anything you want

The pro version includes a bunch of SDK to make developing games much easier without so much hand coding all the details you would normally have to write scripts from scratch.

So far I have:

Pro Shader SDK to allow easy custom shader development right in the unity editor and assign those shader materials to your content

Pro Physics SDK that basically is my re creation of the Unity/Physx Rigidbody physics API … it also includes console quality vehicle physics and a real character controller that supports kinematic character movement and thing like slope and step negotiations

Pro Terrain SDK which is my re creation of the unity terrain building system including support for up to 64 terrain layers and terrain tree instances with tree colliders and tree lods

Pro Animation SDK which is my re creation of the unity animation State machine including blend trees and multiple animation layers

but I still have TWO issues I been pleading with folks to help me with so I can release the new toolkit… and that is exporting skeletons… or more specifically the proper initial bone matrix values that is currently still messed up, even in the classic toolkit and a couple gltf pbr specular material issues that I need help from @bghgary … if he ever gets the time or desire to help with that… So I don’t know exactly when the new toolkit with all these features will be available.

Until then, you have to write your own script components to handle whatever you need to using the classic version

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