[Unity toolkit] Universal camera continual movement

I’m just working on the camera rig now and I can’t but notice the mouse control is just all over the place, and for some reason it only captures on mouse click down, and drifts when I look around (doesn’t stop looking around even when the mouse is still). Is there some better settings that can act as a native FP controller? Like a regular first person?

Do you think you can share a demo, movie, playground, that can help us understand?

There is a first-person camera - the universal camera you have selected, but it shouldn’t look around when you are not clicking (unless you enable mouse lock). So - it depends on the configuration, would be great to see it :slight_smile:

Hey yes sorry about that, I’ve uploaded the test here: Babylon_FPS_testing by weskay

With the default Scene controller:

As well as the Camera Rig:

Going off this old thread:

You can set the engine to use pointer locking, which will allow you to control your camera like an FPS camera

Yeah originally I tried with that setting but it locks the cursor inside the scene and doesn’t capture user input, so that won’t work, unless I need to extend it myself?

I’m not sure what you mean by not capturing user input. What are you trying to do that’s not being captured?

There’s also engine.enterPointerlock() as a more elegant way to enable this, but I’m not sure if you’d want an FPS camera without taking control of the pointer.

When I use the Toolkit pointer locking It locks the pointer to the center of the screen and hides the cursor and from there it won’t accept user input, so I’m unable to move the camera when this toggle is active. I could upload the build but all that’s going to happen is lock your rotation of the camera when you enter the scene.

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Hate to bump this, but does anyone know what the solution is?