UniversalCamera: Tighten AngularSensibility End Delay?

Is there a way to have stricter control over UniveralCamera mouse speed? I have tweaked the angularSensibility already and it works fine for slowing/speeding up the sensitivity, but I notice that if I swipe my mouse its feels there is a bit of an end delay for when the camera stops moving. Im wondering if I can tighten this up at all to make the UniversalCamera a bit more responsive for First Person Shooter aiming. As of now it works pretty well out of the box, but I can see down the road that slight delay being an issue for players in terms of being precise with aiming.

Adding @PolygonalSun.

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I think reducing the camera.inertia value will reduce the ease-out effect.

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Ill take a look at that, thanks. I totally forgot to look at the SuperClass of UnivesalCamera (i.e Camera) lol

Hey @dawickizer,

@a_bolog is right about reducing the inertia. By default, the value for inertia is 0.9 so you can reduce the value to something like 0.4 or 0.5 for more precise movement.

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