Unlimited lights in verson 7?

Had to take some time off from my game project… was excited to come back to BabylonJS and find a new version. In the “new features” list I saw the thing I’ve been hoping for, for years:

  • Unlimited lights (points, directionals, spots, hemispherics)

How do I enable this? I tried just increasing material.maxSimultaneousLights but it still doesn’t work with anything more than 12 (maybe 13?) lights.

I couldn’t find it?

It’s on the front page of the main website. Scroll down to where it says “full list of features,” which takes you to this:

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oh yeah : O found it!

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Ok but just to be clear, we’re still limited to 12 or so lights, depending on how big the browser allows a shader to be, right?

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I mean, for point lights specifically it really does seem to be unlimited.

I tried 10k lights with 10k spheres and it runs without a problem : )

Edit: nvm I think it’s being capped it doesn’t look like 10k random colored lights all of it looks the same color : /

Edit2: yeah idk I think there’s still the material.MaxSimultaneousLights limit I just don’t get a warning if exceed it but the additional lights just don’t register? idk what wizardry is happenin here

Edit3: but if you’re interested you can follow the progress of this feature request for deferred shading : )

I agree this should be changed on the website

cc @PatrickRyan ?

I’m happy to make the change. What should we say instead? Is there a hard limit or is it browser dependent?

It depends of the rest of the material setup :frowning: I think we could remove the line but keep the types somewhere

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maybe smth to the tune of “Diverse lights”, or “Variety of lights” or “Assorted lights” would work better? : O


Merged Quick change to light types to avoid confusion by PatrickRyanMS · Pull Request #704 · BabylonJS/Website (github.com)

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