Updating DefaultLoadingScreen.loadingUIText in callback function

In my code, I am using a custom loading screen during BABYLON.SceneLoader.LoadAsync() and then after that inside a callback to update additional status with setting the loadingUIText.
If I update the loadingUIText inside of an callback function, the text in the UI is not updated. If I trace into the loadingUIText setter, it is setting the innerHTML of the div correctly but just not updating the screen. The code that is in the callback is using the BABYLON.GUI API to create a number of textures with BABYLON.GUI.TextBlock elements.

If I step through the code in the debugger, the loadingUIText updates.
Any suggestion?

loadingScreen.loadingUIText = "This updates";
    url: assetsUrl,
.then((assets) => {
  loadingScreen.loadingUIText = `This does not update.`;

Calling in our GUI expert @msDestiny14

Hey there! Do you have a playground? I’d love to see this. Sounds like you got some kind of race condition?