URL to open the latest version of a Playground

At the moment, I have to provide the version of a Playground in the url like
will start the version #0
And I cant’t find no way to start the latest version if I don’t know the version.

Could you add this? By dropping the version in the URL or an extra parameter:


p.s.: I can’t add “playground” to the optional tags

This is by design as you don’t know what the latest version could be. What if I go to your playground and save something totally different?

Sure, I could save totally different code. But I can’t even change (and see) the Playground meta data (name, description later). This would be an odd behavior.

At last, I stored a link to my Playground in the browser, but this link should please always point to my latest version.

but the latest may not be yours as I can change the content :slight_smile: Whereas if you keep a link to a precise version you will always be sure to get the correct content

Am - yes, it is not “my Playground”, anyone may change it. This feels odd to me!
If Playgrounds are used this way, there shouldn’t be any versions at all. (but the name etc. editable)
Otherwise there should be a login.
What about a “save as…” ?

A secret long URL won’t help, as a search fill find any anyway.
If Playgrounds are “usually” used as versions of progress, to my feelings, a Last-URL would be useful.

What about if you update the metadata after a few saves because you forgot, we recursively iterate through the older versions and add the metadata? @Deltakosh is that possible? Because I think @DerKarlos wants mainly the metadata to be associated with the entire series, not just the iteration past the one you branded

IMHO playgrounds are not used in this way. Really the playground is too open for serous development of versions. What happens is that people come across a playground via the docs or forum have a look at it and wonder what happens if…? and then make changes. Sometimes they have an issue and post a playground and other people make changes to help in solving the issue. Again people will come across it later and make more changes. If I do want to use the playground to do some experimentation of ideas I always start a new playground and complete the metadata, especially a title and add my initials as a tag. This way I can search for my tag using the docs playground search. One thing to note is that the docs playground search always list the latest version. Unfortunately this is not always useful as if several people have played and saved the latest version is not the one I want.

In my case when developing a project I use an IDE. For relatively simple projects I might even just use Notepad++ and save as project1.html, then project2.html etc. I use the structure outlined in https://doc.babylonjs.com/babylon101/first. This way if I have something to share via a playground because I need help with an issue or want to present a demo I just then copy the

var createScene = function () {

    //my code here
    return scene;

section and paste it into a playground. For more complicated projects I use Visual Studio Code.

To sum up I believe the playground is for examples, experimenting, trying out ideas and helping with issues not for development.

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Totally aligned.