uScale, vScale explanation

Hi all. I am working with some textures I made in Blender for the purposes of adding fake detail to low poly boxes. I made the textures so that they will always “fit” the cube horizontally without any scaling, but would require to be scaled and repeated as required as the height of the box changes. I assumed that the texture would “stretch” if I adjusted the vScale only, i.e. that the width of the texture would not be affected and it would simply grow or shrink in the vertical direction. I have obviously not understood how this stuff works. Am wondering if there is a simple way to make the texture stretch when changing the vScale or if I need to always adjust the uScale to compensate? Any advice would be appreciated.

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OK, ignore me. I think I understand it now. I confused myself by looking at the textures in the inspector and playing with the sliders.


OMG I spent the last 2 hours easy trying to figure out “How do I repeat an image as a texture on a ground mesh when the ground changes in size to avoid the image zooming in?” and at long last I come across this post that tips me off about the uScale and the vScale properties :raised_hands:. Hoping my remark here will improve the visibility of this post for any future people that search the forum or google :pray:

there is even a PG to play around with :slight_smile:

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