Use Generate Code by Node Material,build Material error in code

I created a material using the Editor Node Material, and in the Editor interface, the Material was created successfully, and the effect was what I wanted. However, when using Generate code to export code in a project, a bug occurred.
Error in mounted hook: “Cannot connect these two connectors.”
found in

I didn’t understand what the problem was and hoped someone could help me

Babylon.js Node Material Editor (

cc @Deltakosh

I’ve found the problem, because my babylon version is different from the Precious version, and now I want to use a lower version of the Editor Node Material, what should I do? I can’t find an entry anywhere, I’m using 6.8 Babylon.js but the Editor Node Material is currently 6.47, which will cause the material I created to no longer be used in my project. I don’t know what to do. It should be noted that there is no way to upgrade the version of my project at the moment, and there are too many plugins to rely on. I need your help

We allowed more combinations for the Multiply input connections in the latest NME version, that’s why your material breaks.

To work with 6.8.0, you should replace the Multiply blocks that takes different types of inputs with Scale blocks when one of the input is a Float, or make sure the two inputs of the Multiply blocks are the same.

Here’s a fixed version of your material, that will work in 6.8.0:


I woke up at 4am, saw the problem but still @Evgeni_Popov was faster than me:)


Thank you, brother. You have helped me a lot, thank you for your reply and have a great day