Combining Mixamo animations into a single GLB using Blender 2.8

This is not a question, but a victory lap! In case anyone else bangs their head against their screen for many weeks as I have. Here is one way to take multiple animation files from Mixamo, combine them in Blender 2.8, and then export as a single GLB for use in BABYLON JS.

I haven’t weighted and blended them yet…next step.


Thanks @bigrig, this is really useful!

Here’s triggering the animations:


Here’s animation blending:
(given that my character advances when ‘hitonhead’ animation plays, looks like i’ll also need to adjust Z position along with that animation - or else remove the forward motion in Blender)

(used this great PG as reference:

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I’m not sure if this helps, but there is a blog article about Mixamo and glTF that might be useful: Creating animated glTF Characters with Mixamo and Blender


This is GREAT Mr.Rig! It is tedious work. Congrats on the milestone! : )

Can the animation still be used like that in bkender though, for example i ha e a motion captyre of a pro fighter doing a spin kick as well as a running animation of my own… id likento do a scene where the charator runs and then spin kicks hut withbit being 2 differnt skeletons i have tobuse drivers FOR EACH BONE to copy the rotation and location for each. Id rather not like to do this ever again is it possoble to do with the already names mixamo bones ???

Are you looking to make the scene in Babylon or Blender?

And so that I understand you right - are you looking to copy animation from one character to another - where the 2nd character shares the same bones as the 1st?

You can try a this app to add multiple animation from mixamo and export to gltf format:


Just wanted to add my “Thank You” to the list! Really great info. Thanks for posting!

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