PixCap 3D Editor - Animations, Scenes, lots of free Models

Hi BabylonJS community!

I’m happy to share the release of our BJS powered editor on Product Hunt, which features free assets that you can use for your designs, games and apps. :video_game:

Thanks to the BJS community, we’ve built an editor that can be used to compose great scenes and export as images, videos or even character animation for games.

Notable features:

  • Material system
  • 3D text
  • Lighting and shadows
  • Post-processing effects
  • Animation: graph editor, timeline, FK/IK support
  • GLTF/FBX imports and exports
  • Plenty of free models
  • 100% autosaved - everything runs on the cloud
    And lots more!

Here are some creations users have made for our most recent Christmas design contest, all created and rendered in PixCap.
image (23)
image (24)
image (25)

Things we need to work on:

  • Better rendering
  • More flexible material system
  • Animating arbitrary properties (right now only supports position/rotation/scale)
  • Blend shape support
  • USDZ exports
  • A lot more models, animations, and pre-made scenes

Special shoutouts to the following people for making all this possible:

  • @Cedric for his patience and help on the BJS gizmos and answering many of my questions and MRs
  • @Blake and @sebavan for answering a ton of my boring questions and making great suggestions at the same time
  • @Pryme8 for being there with us since the very early days, working on the skeleton widgets and lots of shader work
  • @Deltakosh for making all this possible and fostering such an incredible community

Final word
I’m hoping that our editor shows the tip of the iceberg of what the BJS engine is truly capable of.

The BJS community is one of the best open source communities that I’ve ever been a part of, and none of this would have been possible without you all. :love_you_gesture:

Would really appreciate your feedback and support on improving our app for the better. :handshake:


This is INCREDIBLE! Congratulations on this amazing work! @PirateJC you need to see this :slight_smile:


Thank you @carolhmj !

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Love to see how much this has matured! Really proud of y’all. Hope all is well with you CJ, thanks for the shout out! :heart:


@mrlooi seeing this is exactly what drives us to help every day !!! This is great and looks stunning !!!

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woot! that’s massive!


@mrlooi This looks absolutely incredible! So awesome! HUGE congratulations!

I’d love to work with you on throwing some attention towards this. Are you (or is the product) on twitter?

Also in addition to Twitter I’d love to feature this on the Babylon.js community page. Do you have a URL that goes straight to a demo of the experience? I saw that you can edit 3D objects directly and that the app is behind a signup wall. We’d need to point to a demo of the experience directly with a url. Would that be possible?

Again fantastic work. It looks awesome!


Thank you for the kind words @PirateJC !

Our app’s twitter handle is pixcap_app https://twitter.com/pixcap_app/

Do you have a URL that goes straight to a demo of the experience?

At the moment we have the PixCap explore page, which features a dashboard of 3D models and scenes.

Users can make simple edits (by clicking on the “Edit in 3D” button) without signing up.

Let me know if this works, we’re open to suggestions!

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We just achieved #5 Product of the Day, thank you all so much for the support, and to the BabylonJS community overall for making this possible!! :love_letter:



I’ll think about the best way to showcase this on the community page as well. I want to think about the best url to use.


Just saw the tweet, thank you so much @PirateJC !!
We’d be happy to make a dedicated scene just for BJS and feature it in our ‘Scenes’ section for people to use as a template :wink: This could be a showcase for the community page. Was thinking perhaps a logo of BJS with animated text and character animation (like a 3D illustration).
One simple example:

Suggestions on this welcome of course


This looks outstanding @mrlooi! And love the community spirit in this thread :slight_smile:.
Looks like you’re also based in Singapore? We should get together for some in-person BJS appreciation time :v: – do you know of any local community?

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I LOVE this idea! That would be incredible if possible! We ideally want to populate the community page with demos that are 1-click to the experience, no sign up walls or anything, so if you’re good with making a small standalone experience like this, it would be perfect!