Using material library


I am trying to use CellMaterial but got 404 error for cell.vertex.fx. I followed this tutorial Babylon.js Playground, which mentioned nothing about vertex shader.

I’m using es6 module for material library, I wonder has it something to do with it? My import is like this:
import {CellMaterial} from "@babylonjs/materials";

Pinging @sebavan

w000t, this should definitely work, are you using the latest preview of 4.1 ???

I remember it has been fixed during 4.1.

Hi sebavan,

Sorry about late reply, I was on holiday for a month.

The playground displays the cell material correctly, the problem occurs when I try to use CellMaterial locally.

Babylon stuff in my package.json:

The code for using CellMaterial:

As you can see, with the line commented out, everything works fine.

But once I put it back:

The box becomes invisible, the wireframe is because I selected the box from inspector

And I get this error from console window:

yup your versions look out of sync, they should all point to the same @preview :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, I’ll give it a try after work :grin: