Using model from 3ds Max with IK / Motion Contraints

I have an industrial model from 3ds Max that uses IK / motion constraints so that, in Max, moving a boom arm also moves or rotates various linkages and pistons. Moving another controller symmetrically opens up a grabber on a rail etc.
I imported this in Babylon and, as I kind of expected, none of those constraints are imported, I can move any sub-mesh independently.

What’s the best way to achieve this in Babylon? Did I miss something on the import?
I note the Babylon docs section on bones, but that obviously seems to apply best to things are ‘skeletal’, e.g. characters or robots. I’m not sure it would work for this machine.

Or, is writing code to do what the Max IK / constrains are doing the only solution.

We do not support full IK / motion constraints in the engine directly unfortunately :frowning:
Maybe the boneIKController will suffice for your need?

Bones and Skeletons | Babylon.js Documentation (


Hello @nickhod just checking in, was your question answered? :slight_smile:

It was thanks. I’ve marked @Deltakosh 's answer as the solution.