IK Spline Solver (bones)


in 3ds max I created a few simple bones in a straight line, I connected them to the box using IK Spline Solver. The line has 3 points to control the bones. Babylon.js also exports these points with the model. I also see these points in the Inspector: Point001, Point002 and Point003. The problem is that when I select one of the points in the Babylon Inspector and want to change their position, nothing happens. How to move it? You can see the situation below.


You need to move their associated linked transform node as it is a gltf model:


the problem is that I don’t want to move a specific, concrete bone but I want move concrete Point001- Point003, as you can see on the picture.

Babylon and GLTF do not support spline solver like features, so there is no relationship kept with the original info :frowning: