Using the create default skybox


I am creating a skybox and I save as glb.
The skybox is saved to the glb as a Node.
The next time I open the GLB the Skybox is there as if it was part of the model.

But in the Babylon Sandbox there is a ‘hdrSkyBox’ that does not get saved in the glb.
When I save a glb in the Babylon Sandbox there is no node ‘hdrSkyBox’ in the model after that.

I create the SkyBox in the following way:

      new BABYLON.CubeTexture(cubeTextureUrl, scene),

I am attaching the gltf which I open and then create a skybox. And the glb with the saved skybox.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
Files To Test It (46.3 KB)

Here is examples:
First I open the gltf in Babylon Sandbox and then I save it as GLB

Then I open the GLB In Babylon Sandbox again.

Then this is the result of when I open the glb,create a skybox and saved the as glb.

You have the opportunity when exporting to exclude meshes:

You can then use that to exclude the hdrSkyBox from the exported glb

Thanks I did that and it worked!