Using the physics engine in business graphics

How to use the BJS physics engine in business graphics?

“Bjorn’s 3D-decks”, a presentation (slide deck) design tool based on BJS, allows you to play with the physics engine when presenting content. This sample is highlighting the “Aquarium” scene style in which all slides in the slide deck are shown within a semi-transparent bounding box and the physics engine is taking care of the bouncing around effect. Perhaps a great opening scene for 3D presentation?


That’s a cool effect! To achieve that with BJS, I would probably create a scene with a number of billboards (plane meshes) then add physics imposters to them to set collision and mass properties. Set gravity to an appropriate value when you enable engine physics and you’re good to go!

Take images of your slides and use those as diffuse textures for the plane material separately or get fancy and use UV mapping with a single combined atlas of the slide deck.

The docs have more info on setting this up

BJS in powerpoint like format, with physics… OMG! Feels like I’m going to see and receive more faen PM and VP’s creepy presentations using 3D without purpose (simply adding to use effects or animations without purpose;)
Jokes apart, a great idea. We all have (had no choice) to use things such as ppt, articulate or other faen mac apps for presentation (don’t even dare naming;).
GL with your project,

What you see in the video is 100% done with BJS and I am kind of doing what you describe. The slides are created in the tools internal 2D (SVG) editor and as you mention, converted to textures…

Nice! I apologize, I originally thought you were asking it as a question, now I see you were showing us how to do it! :sunglasses:

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LoL. It’s already here Man, there is no way back :wink:

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