UV offsets in particles

Is there a way to have a random offset in a particle’s UVs? There is access for size, color, etc but not uv. Do I have to use SPS particles even though these are just quads?

This is not the answer to your question, but the SPS can manage quads as well (even better) as other shapes.
When dealing with quads, it’s as performant as the legacy particle system if you deal with less than 10K particles.

Thanks @jerome. Makes sense to me. Basically I wanted to implement https://youtu.be/YPy2hytwDLM?t=1439, which is not really supported by the current particle system. Need ability to transform/randomize UVs, use multiple textures, etc. As you can see in the video its using very minimal particle counts (5-60) to get good results.

Would a sprite sheet work for your use case? I think they just have to be the same dimensions then you can pick a random offset (or index or whatever it is)
Maybe that doesn’t work with particles actually… Just a thought

Not for this technique. You want to have tile-able areas. Its an offset of the UVs more than a subsection of the texture.

Oh yeah, maybe just combine a bunch of quads into a custom mesh then.