Version 4.2.0 and multiple UV maps

I’m trying find out if version 4.2.0 can handle multiple UV maps on the same object. After doing a little searching I noticed one post that referred to this as a recent addition. Is this only in newer versions (excluding 4.2.0)?
My current workflow involves blender 2.93 exporting with the babylon plugin. It didn’t appear to work at first glace but perhaps process is incorrect.

Hi. Simple answer yes but not udims. You can pack different uvw maps in different uvw channels but i don’t use blender. Search in google blender uvw map channels. I use 4.2 with 2 channels first for regular textures and second for lightmaps. All works fine

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Thanks! I was able to get it work with a glb file, but not an exported .babylon yet. I’ll keep testing.

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I wonder if it is supported by @JCPalmer amazing exporter

It is coded to handle up to 2 UVs per texture, actually back from the @Deltakosh era for the Blender exporter. I have never had a test to verify it actually works, so “supported” might be a little strong.

Best to check the exporter log File. Think actually getting the geo on the mesh is likely working , but a log file should show it if it happened.

	processing begun of mesh:  Cube
		processing begun of material:  Material
		num positions      :  30
		num normals        :  30
		num tangents       :  0
		num uvs            :  60
		num uvs2           :  0
		num colors         :  0
		num triangles      :  12

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