[video] Trying to perfect camera issues after moving to BJS 4

Babylon.js v4.1.0-beta.4

Dealing with some camera weirdness after going to BJS 4.

Camera used to follow the target very smoothly, but after the upgrade it’s shaky and jittery.

Please see video link below.

I was able to get it smoothed out.

Here’s the entirety of the setup now. You can review the video to see the before code.

  w.camera=new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera("ArcRotateCamera", 1, 1, 15, null, w.scene);
  w.camera.lockedTarget = w.playerMesh;
  w.camera.attachControl(w.canvas, false, false, 1);
  w.camera.angularSensibilityX = 350;
  w.camera.inertia = 0;
  w.camera.ellipsoid = new BABYLON.Vector3(1,1,1);
  w.camera.collisionRadius = new BABYLON.Vector3(1,1,1);
  w.camera.fov = 1.1;
  w.camera.checkCollisions = true;
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