VideoTexture/Live video

I am currently using babylon, to make a very simple program, where i can view a live feed from a link. I have tried using a videoTexture to no luck, I also tried image on the off chance that would work.

When i have looked it does not seem to work even when using the in browser examples in the babylon playground, i have tried multiple links different from the one i wanted, since i thought it was the links problems. The plane that I’m using the texture on comes back blank(blackish) or with an error like texture(when just using a basic texture).

Would greatly appreciate any help, even if its just a link you know for certain works with videoTexture so I can at least trouble shoot it better.

here a link to a playground: Babylon.js Playground
the video in the link variable is a placeholder video just to know im on the right track, until I can understand it to use a live video

Hi csmithy1999,

Does the content server where you’re hosting the video support HTTPS? When I try your Playground and look at the browser console, I see the following warning.

I then tried to access your link over HTTPS instead of HTTP, but the request was automatically downgraded. I think the different servers involved might be arguing about whether or not they need security, which may be causing your resource not to load.

I don’t think that’s the only issue — you’ll need to actually apply the texture to your plane, for example, which doesn’t seem to be happening in the linked Playground — but it’s something to look into if you’re having trouble loading your resource. You can also try copying sections from a different Playground (this one, for example) to isolate which part of your logic isn’t behaving the way you expect it to behave.

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