Issues with a loading page and loading of assets

Hello dear people, we are developing a music gallery with visuals that contain video assets as video textures.We are using PBR material in order to implement alpha channel. We still have some issues that we need to solve. Videos are 4 to 7 minutes long and sometimes we have several of them, additionally we use point cloud meshes in these rooms. So experience is quite heavy.

The main video is played when the camera/player walks through a certain trigger and we need to be sure that when the scene is loaded - video is not streaming but it’s already downloaded as an asset. Any suggestions on how we can implement that issue?

Also can you pinpoint an example where after loading you need to press start in order for the browser to get all the right permissions to use audio etc.

We have some issues with different browsers also, if someone could tell what’s wrong.

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Would be great if you could reproduce the issue in our playground :slight_smile:

The easiest for your might be to create the videoTexture from a videoElement so you would be in full control and you could call play following a user interaction.

Thanks for your suggestions, we already use videoTexture. How can we load video as a assets ? So videos can be preloaded
Here’s a link for our code source - Babylon.js Playground

I would suggest to not make it an asset so you can start downloading it even if babylon is not loaded so far. Basically, you want it to be available as soon as possible so dealing with it as a regular video element would help :slight_smile:

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