Vietnamese vocabulary game

A little game I made to help build my Vietnamese vocabulary. Play it here.

(Note: you can’t really play to win w/o Vietnamese keyboard input like TELEX, but you can still run around and explore :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

Source code is here if you are curious about anything.


But we will later on, yes?

Else, I very much like the idea and would like to see more/better educational games. There are 140+ languages out there (not accounting the dialects)… and I’m already struggling with ‘plain english code’ language :wink:

That’s kinda the original dream here, you’d be able to run around and enter different locations that sort of resemble the native countries and meet fellow language learners, native speakers would have a badge next to their name so people know who to talk to.

an awesome dream. May be c if some community member would kick in…?

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