Play a Videogame... for Science?

Hey crew,

I’m recruiting test subjects to play a simple tag-like computer game for at least 20 minutes, then fill out a short questionnaire. I’d need your results by the end of day Tuesday, March 9. Gaming experience is not important.

You’ve probably seen a post or two of mine here, but to get a little background on who I am, I’m a multimedia artist and filmmaker, currently working on a Masters in Multimedia & Game Design in Copenhagen. My website is at

There is no renumeration except for a bit of fun, and I hope a contribution to current UX research. No personal information (including your name or email address) will be published, sold, reused, etc. You’ll need only a computer running Windows or MacOS.

Please email if you’d like to participate. Feel free to share this post.



Is the game written in BabylonJS? Then it could be published to the internet and I think you could reach more people to try your game!