Vignette in scene.imageProcessingConfiguration issue

I’m trying to get the vignette working from scene.imageProcessingConfiguration.vignetteEnabled = true; but it seems that is only affecting the geometry and not the scene clearColor:

But if using a PostProcess, it seems to work ok (but it needs to add an fxaa postprocess to get rid of the antialiasing):

So, is it possible to enable the vignette to affect the whole scene (meshes and background) using scene.imageProcessingConfiguration instead of creating a separate post process?


Unfortunately, no because without a postprocess we can only do it where pixels are drawn (so basically only on meshes)

You could wrap your scene in a box like we do with skybox so it would apply.

Thanks @sebavan that workaround works fine in my current project, setting a wrapping mesh with infiniteDistance=true .

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