Vignette effect without updating camera property

I want to use vignette only, but ImageProcessingPostProcess will enable other common post-processing effects. Is it possible to only keep the vignette effect?

Idea 1

Is it possible to create a post-process only contain vignette?
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Idea 2

I check the ImageProcessingPostProcess constructor, I wonder what is the default processing configuration and how to remove it?

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Hello hello.

I looked over our DefaultRenderingPipeline documentation here and I found some stuff that I think can be helpful: Using the Default Rendering Pipeline | Babylon.js Documentation

It looks like you can customize it and have the anti-aliasing off using pipeline.fxaaEnabled = false;

Is this what you had in mind?

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Yeah, it will disable anti-aliasing;

There are many post-processing effects, I wonder how to disable them all but only keep vignette

Your playground does exactly this as by default every effect is disabled.

If I comment line 15 to line 21, the background colour will change; any luck how this happens

You just need set hdr to false
var pipeline = new BABYLON.DefaultRenderingPipeline(


Bro, thank you so much!!!

I wasn’t expecting this problem is that simple!!