Virtual Lantern Demo

Hi Everyone,

This is my first BabylonJS project.
I have created group of lanterns which is called “Pahan Kuduwa” in my country (Sri Lanka).
Those lanterns build to celebrate a religious event called “Vesak” (Vesak - Wikipedia)

  • Created various sized custom meshes and calculated UVs using trigonometry.
  • Used textures with alpha for pattern cuts that I drew using drawing pad in Photoshop and some pattern ideas are from internet.
  • Added emissive colors and glow layer to get lantern effect.
  • With rotating and colour changing animations.

Thank you all the founders and contributors of this amazing framework :slight_smile:

live demo - Pahan Kuduwa - 2021

few screenshots



Hey @Nadeesh_Peiris Pretty cool for a first project !

I can’t help but feel like this could use some background music to go with the nice visuals as well :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Actually I also wanted to add background music. Because, in real events there are religious songs that play in background with these lanterns. So I added a YouTube video as background music. But chrome doesn’t allow autoplay videos with sound. So I removed it. But I could have achieve that with a button click :expressionless:

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You could download the video and extract just the audio part and make it part of the Babylon scene

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Very nice project @Nadeesh_Peiris! And you went through the whole journey from creating assets to animate them in a scene, congrats!

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Thank you @thomlucc :slight_smile:
Yes I learnt lot and it took around 50 hours to complete this!

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This looks so amazing!

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@Knar Thanks a lot :slight_smile: